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Goalkeeper Training Sessions are suitable for players that are looking to specialize or learn about the unique and specialized position of the Goalkeeper. 


All our sessions look to establish the very fundamentals of the role and developing individual programs for each player based on their current level, experience and goals.


Sessions will work on a variety of areas, including (but not limited to) the following;

  • Ball Handling,

  • Shot Stopping,

  • Distribution (throwing, passing, recieving),

  • Dealing with high balls (crosses, direct play),

  • Diving,

  • Angle Coverage,

  • 1-on-1, 

  • Communication,

  • Physical (speed, agility, coordination, balance)

  • Encourage a growth mindset for players to take responsibility for their own learning.

All sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual players, maximizing repetitions with the ball.  Small group and class sessions allow us to create more game related scenarios and situations with reality-based learning.


We will always welcome input and feedback from players and parents in order to build confidence to develop their individual game to meet their needs.

What's Next?

  1. Contact us to discuss your needs*

  2. Select your Training Option

  3. Book your sessions

  4. Develop and Improve

Booking Block Sessions? Contact us to discuss packages available.

*If booking individual one-off sessions please use the scheduling tool on this page. Our coaches availability will be updated automatically. 

**Training locations are predominately within Northampton County, PA - however please contact us to confirm as this may change based on individual need as availability changes.

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